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Tin Shed Theatre Co. presents Le Flea (Du Cirque)


Tin Shed Theatre Co. presents Le Flea (Du Cirque)

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“Bonjour, guttentag & welcome to the greatest worst show on earth! Of all the circuses, in all the world, you just so happened to squeeze yourself into ours; the world’s only human flea circus! Now join us for a ram packed hour of mayhem and entertainment at which you can boo, laugh and cheer as Tin Shed Theatre Co present their finest DISASTERPIECE!”

Inspired by the strange and the wonderful, Tin Shed Theatre tell stories that are driven by their characters, making highly physical theatre that blends classic iconography with neon light. They love story-telling and the unpredictable energy and experience of the live event. Come find them and their wonderful Le Flea show.

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